Xenta Systems

Xenta Systems

Xenta Joystick (VMA Plus) allows the skipper to manoeuvre the craft in a simple and safe way in all navigational conditions. Simply moving the joystick allows the user to perform any kind of manoeuvre; rotations turns,side and longitudinal shifts. Xenta easily allows for simultaneous manoeuvres such as side shift and rotation at the same time. Not only does this give the owner ‘pod like’ control with a conventional shaft line yacht. But thanks to the integrated compass, the system is also able to compensate the effect of wind while manoeuvring. The design allows for simple installation ‘in build’ or retro-fit, taking up minimal space and giving maximum comfort and confidence on the water’

xenta systems

Main Advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Safety and Reliability
  • Accuracy during manoeuvring
  • Easy to install and retrofit
  • Extremely intuitive and responsive
  • No need to use the traditional on controls when docking
  • Automatic compensation of wind effect

Xenta control movements


  • Stern thruster control
  • Position hold function
  • Wireless portable station
  • Cruise control
  • Smart helm steering assist
  • Xenta throttle controls
  • Trolling valve control
  • Proportional thruster
  • Mobile wired joystick
  • Up to 6 stations

xenta systems

Technical Features

  • 12/24V DC System
  • CANBUS Communication
  • 3 Proportional Axis Joystick
  • Patented algorithm
  • Internal compass
  • Simple LED troubleshooting
  • Different colours available
  • Thruster mode for bow and stern thruster control
  • IP67 Components

Xenta Technical Spec

The system can be integrated with all leading marine engines and electronic controls: MAN, Volvo, MTU, CAT, Cummings, ZF, Rexroth, Side-Power, Vetus, Twin Disc

The Xenta Control System is available for worldwide delivery and installation please Contact Us for details.