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Tecnicomar, watermakers worldwide

Among the undoubted resources of the territory there are those who pointed to the sea, but in a “divergent” so was born in Marsala 35 years ago Tecnicomar, the first company of desalination plants in Europe and now exports to all continents. “My father-said Laura De Vita-opened in 1978, now export all over the world.” The dream of Francesco De Vita to design and build desalination and reverse osmosis water purifiers forefront for marine and civil quickly acquired international importance through a sales network and technical assistance increasingly popular abroad. Are 22 employees in the industry, it is engineers, and administrative workers. But since 2004 the technicians, of address by Francesco De Vita, have specialised in the creation of a new product ECOmar, namely an installation for the treatment of sewage and wastewater board. The ECOmar is an automatic can make black and gray water board conforming to international standards with the consequent possibility to download them directly into the sea, without accumulation of solid residues. On 29 and 30 January, the Tecnicomar organized a meeting at the headquarters of Marsala (at the district Berbaro) to meet and reward dealers who have sold more plants in 2012. During the first day distributors from 14 foreign countries, participated in a refresher course technical and the last day was dedicated to the meeting.