• CEM VEX Ventilation Fans

CEM VEX Ventilation Fans


The CEM VEX Ventilation Fans are electric Helicoidal (axial) blowers designed for suction and ventilation in closed environments such as engine rooms, kitchens, toilets and workshops.

Built to the highest standards the CEM VEX Ventilation Fans are designed for high demand installations where quality is required for continuous operation.

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Product Description

CEM VEX Ventilation Fan

The CEM VEX Ventilation Fans are electric Helicoidal (axial) blowers designed for suction and ventilation in closed environments such as engine rooms, kitchens, toilets and workshops.

Built to the highest standards the CEM VEX Ventilation Fans are designed for high demand installations where quality is required for continuous operation.

Built from painted steel, available in AC and DC and designed to operate in temperatures ranging from  -5°C + 80°C.

Painted Steel version available here.


  • Drum casing: VEX series: made in stainless steel
  • Fan: made in polypropylene (temperature range -5°C + 80°C), dynamically and statically balanced.
  • Direct Current:
    Permanent magnets motor 12/24 V, Protection IP44 (IP55 on request), Insulation Class F, Continuous Duty (S1).
  • Alternate Current:
    Induction electric motor, 230V single-phase (M) / 230÷400V, 400÷690V three-phase (T), 50Hz, Protection IP54÷55, Insulation Class F, Continuous Duty (S1).

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Please note the flux direction, protection grid position and the execution of the blower must be stated when the ordering.

  • A-A1 flux: ventilator
  • P-P1 flux: extractor
  • R-R1 flux: bi-directional (A & P)

Accessories on Request

  • Fan made in aluminium
  • Bi-direction fan made in Nylon / Glass to grant the same performances in both directions of flux (flux A: ventilator + flux P: extractor). Temperature range: – 35°C + 110 °C.
  • Additional protection grid

About CEM

C.E.M. elettromeccanica S.r.l. was established in 1970 as a manufacturer of electric pumps and d.c. motors widely used in the marine field.

Our great experience acquired in the course of the years and our constant expansion in the national and the international markets have resulted in the broadening of our product range.
This makes us the ideal partner for large and medium-sized boat builders of pleasure, fishing and military vessels.

Our ever-growing product range currently features: DC and AC electric pumps, pumps with pulley, with manual or electro magnetic clutch and fitted with hydraulic motor, water pressure systems, centrifugal and helicoidal (axial) blowers, diesel motor pumps, manual pumps and DC motors.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used and to the special care engaged in the design and in the production processes we can grant excellent performances and a remarkable lifespan of our products even in the difficult marine environment.

On request our products can be tested in accordance with the following bureau of classification and certification:Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register and RINA


Type Voltage
Power Absorption
RPM dBA Max. delivery
Max. pressure
VEX 21 12 0,3 0,2 10 2800 65 22 150
24 0,3 0,2 5 2800 65 22 150
230M 0,3 0,2 2 2800 65 22 150
230÷400T 0,3 0,2 1,2÷0,6 2800 65 22 150
VEX 25 12 0,4 0,3 16 2500 68 37 225
24 0,4 0,3 9 2500 68 37 225
230M 0,5 0,37 2,7 2800 72 45 235
230÷400T 0,5 0,37 1,4÷0,8 2800 72 45 235
VEX 30 12 0,25 0,18 10 1400 60 42 100
24 0,25 0,18 5 1400 60 42 100
230M 0,25 0,18 1,8 1400 58 42 100
230÷400T 0,25 0,18 1,2÷0,6 1400 58 42 100
VEX 30/2 24 0,5 0,37 14 2000 68 75 240
230M 0,75 0,55 4 2800 72 80 350
230÷400T 0,75 0,55 3÷1,7 2800 72 80 350
VEX 35 12 0,25 0,18 12 1400 60 62 160
24 0,25 0,18 6 1400 60 62 160
230M 0,25 0,18 1,8 1400 60 62 160
230÷400T 0,25 0,18 1,2÷0,6 1400 60 62 160
VEX 35/2 24 0,75 0,55 16 2000 70 92 350
230M 1,5 1,1 1 2800 72 100 590
230÷400T 1,5 1,1 5÷2,9 2800 72 100 590
VEX 40 12 0,35 0,25 14 1400 65 82 200
24 0,35 0,25 7 1400 65 82 200
230M 0,35 0,25 1,8 1400 65 82 200
230÷400T 0,35 0,25 1,2÷0,6 1400 65 82 200
VEX 40/2 24 0,8 0,6 22 2000 72 116 356
230M 1,5 1,1 7 2800 78 135 690
230÷400T 1,5 1,1 5÷2,9 2800 78 135 690

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