Scratched Glass Repairs

Scratched Glass Repairs

Got a scratch? Give us a call 01752 604603!

Scratched glass repair 1
Scratched glass repair 2

Here are just some of the scratches we can repair:

  • Scraper Damage & Cleaning Scratches
  • Car scratched windscreen repairs
  • Headlight restoration and repair
  • Glass polishing and glass Restoration
  • Aquarium and fish tank repairs
  • Construction scratched glass repairs
  • Sandpaper damage removal and repair
  • Graffiti damage glass repairs
  • Chemical damage glass repair and restoration
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Scratched Glass Repairs

Scratched glass repair is a highly skilled process of removing scratches and damage to glass surfaces using specialist abrasive and polishing processes. We have an experienced team who work on a wide variety of scratches and all our work is covered by our comprehensive insurance. If you have a scratch on your car, boat, house, fish tank, aquarium or shop windows then call us now on 01752 604603 for a no obligation quote.

Don’t let unsightly scratches spoil your view, with a team of 6 glass polishers we are equipped to deal with small and large polishing jobs. With free* estimates give us a call today on 01752 604603 and we will be happy to find a solution for you.

Fish tank scratch repair.
Fish tank scratch repair.

Acrylic and Perspex Repairs

We can repair a wide variety of scratched and damaged surfaces including Perspex and Acrylic for more information call us on 01752 604603 or see examples of our foggy headlight repairs.

Foggy Headlight Repair 1
Foggy Headlight Repair
Foggy Headlight Repair

*Free estimates apply to the Plymouth area only.