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  • Icom AIS Dual Channel Receiver MXA-5000

    The MXA-5000 dual channel AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver allows boat owners to receive AIS information (both Class A and Class B AIS signals) on two channels simultaneously and outputs this real-time information to a computer, radar or a chart plotter, thus aiding navigation and collision avoidance.

    £365.16 (£304.30 Ex VAT)
  • Icom Class B AIS Transponder MA-500TR

    Designed for Non- SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, workboats and small vessels, the MA-500TR is a compact, waterproof Class B AIS transponder that actively notifies other vessels of your exact position, thus increasing your safety at sea.

    £719.99 (£599.99 Ex VAT)
  • Icom Fish Finder MXF-5000

    When connecting the MXF-5000 fish finder module, the MarineCommander system can have a dual frequency sounder function. Using the 50kHz/200kHz dual frequency mode, the MarineCommander enhances the separation and helps in fish detection.

    £384.00 (£320.00 Ex VAT)
  • Icom Marine Commander Main Processor Unit IC-MXP5000

    The main processor is the driving force behind this new system and connects your configuration of compatible marine electronic equipment. For instance, if you have a particularly large vessel, there is the capability to connect two MarineCommander black box processor units together allowing up to four displays to be used.

    £2,070.00 (£1,725.00 Ex VAT)
  • Icom Multi Functional Display MXD-5000

    This is slim and IPX7 waterproof, allowing water submersion up to one-metre for 30 minutes. The colour LCD’s anti-reflective coating is optimized for day and night operation, offering vivid detail even under direct sunlight. The MFD is sturdy and lightweight making it relatively straightforward to flush mount.

    £1,140.00 (£950.00 Ex VAT)
  • Icom Radar Open Array 4 kW MXR-5000T

    The MXR-5000T marine radar which includes MXR-5000T consists of MXR5000 Radar main unit and EX2780 scanner unit provides clear target discrimination. Waypoint and AIS target can be overlaid on the radar screen.

    £2,850.00 (£2,375.00 Ex VAT)
  • Icom Radar Radome 4 kW MXR-5000R

    The MXR-5000R marine radar (which consists of MXR5000 Radar main unit and EX2714 scanner unit) provides clear target discrimination. Waypoint and AIS target can be overlaid on the radar screen. The marine radar helps with collision avoidance and increases your safety at sea. The radar images can be overlaid on the plotter screen in the same scale and helps the user to detect the dangerous objects.

    £1,536.00 (£1,280.00 Ex VAT)
  • Marine VHF Radio With AIS IC-M5060EURO

    VHF/DSC marine transceiver with NMEA 2000 connectivity and AIS receiver. The IC-M506 is packed full of features including integrated AIS receiver, NMEA2000 connectivity, ‘Last Call’ voice recording function, ‘Active Noise Cancelling’ technology plus Icom’s new intuitive menu-driven user interface and large dot matrix display making it really easy to use.

    £510.00 (£425.00 Ex VAT)