Intellian Launches Mobile App Version of APTUS

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Intellian Launches Mobile App Version of APTUS

Intellian, the world’s technological leader in marine satellite antennas, has launched a mobile version of its new APTUS™ graphical interface based software for remote monitoring and control of Intellian VSAT antennas. The APTUS Mobile app enables users and operators to have direct connection to their antenna’s operational data wirelessly via the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi network or via a straightforward IP connection over the Internet.

APTUS is compatible with all Intellian VSAT antennas and can also be used on the 3-Axis TVRO systems.

Ease of set-up, coupled with the antenna status reporting helps to increase the performance of the antenna as well as simplify trouble shooting. There is also a built-in auto-diagnostic function that can be initiated from the APTUS App.

APTUS displays a simple to understand graphical dashboard that allows logging, recording and fine-tuning of the antenna for optimum performance. Through logging the antenna’s parameters, the user or integrator can monitor the system and see the performance in real-time. This data logging and performance monitoring will also help the integrator to track the status of all antennas operating on their system.

The graphical interface contributes to operational up-time by providing an even greater ease of use than previously with simple to understand icons that show details such as the antenna azimuth and elevation including the visual representation of any blockage zones on board the vessel.

A simulator is included in the APTUS App to for demonstration and learning about the features available to the operator.

The APTUS Mobile app is available to download at the Apple App Store.