AquaAir Air Conditioning

AquaAir Air Conditioning

Company History

AquaAir Air Conditioning Formed in 1941, the James D. Nall Company, Inc. is the oldest name in marine air conditioning with a 70 year history of providing marine air conditioning products and services. It is also the 2nd largest manufacturer of marine air conditioning systems in North America. The company has distributed and installed innovative Direct Expansion (DX) systems of its own design and manufacture since its inception. In 1973 under the trade name of Aqua-Air, the company designed and introduced chillwater technology to the yachting community. The chillwater, (sometimes known as tempered water), product designed and manufactured by AquaAir, along with direct expansion products supplied by Cruisair (now part of the Dometic Group) were distributed by the company until 1983 when the Cruisair product was replaced with a full line of newly designed, Aqua-Air brand direct expansion products. Since that time, the most diverse and complete lines of direct expansion and chillwater marine air conditioning products, designed for the yacht builders and servicing dealers, have been manufactured and distributed by Aqua-Air.

Quality and innovation have been the hallmark of the company making the Aqua-Air brand the preferred product throughout the mega yacht segment of the market. Aqua-Air boasts a larger installed base of product on the world’s superyachts than the sum total of all the other brands combined. Some of the technologies that are commonplace throughout the industry were the Aqua-Air innovations that moved the company and the industry forward. The Fresh Air Make Up System, Digital Thermostat, Racked System, Automatic Compressor Rotation, PLC Control and the use of Variable Frequency Drives were just a few of the past technological advancements fostered by Aqua-Air. Continuing R&D has yielded recent innovations; the new R-407C refrigerant products to take the industry into compliance under the strict environmental protections of the Montreal Protocol, and the “World’s Smallest” self-contained system.

Operating from our 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the Miami suburb of Hialeah, Aqua-Air supplies a worldwide network of boat builders and dealers. All products are built and rated to ASHRAE standards and comply with ABYC and CE guidelines. Each and every unit built by Aqua-Air undergoes rigid testing and quality control both during the production process and prior to packaging. Our exclusive 3 stage process tests for refrigerant circuit and condenser coil integrity under simulated field conditions. Our warranty program and extensive servicing dealer base provide the end user with quick service in the event of a problem. The service network is backed up by the best technical support in the industry.

Our capabilities run from the ‘world’s smallest’ 5,000 BTU mini-koog self-contained kit for the consumer to install on his small boat, all the way to the 210 ton (2,520,000 BTU) Chillwater system installed in the 316′ “LIMITLESS” launched from Lurssen’s in 1997. Most of the world renowned Naval Architects and most Aqua-Air owners insist on Aqua-Air systems. Today, as it has been for over 70 years, our commitment is to be the best.

Product Line

Chilled Water Systems – Our Alpha Chiller is the largest selling chiller in the superyacht industry today. Ranging in size from 2 ton to 6 ton, and featuring a stainless steel chassis, scroll compressors and AWLGrip coatings. Compared to other brands, the Alpha Chiller is 22% lighter and 38% smaller in volume. lf a vessel’s requirements exceed 6 ton, multiple Alpha Chillers are racked together, manifolded on the seawater and chillwater circuits to form capacities up to 30 ton. Units are available with reverse cycle or cooling only, up to six stages and variable frequency drives to provide surge-less compressor start-up. The units are protected with chillwater flow switch and freeze stats on each chiller module, along with a variety of other features. This proven product is simply the best on the market today. In addition, we have the technical expertise and experience, to design and produce large (up to 300 ton) custom chillers incorporating the proven engineering concepts of the Alpha Chiller line, and repeatedly refined over the years.

Split Systems – We offer a complete line of split DX systems, in capacities of 5,000 to 60,000 BTU. Each of the units is equipped with reverse cycle heat and piston or scroll compressors. Along with the condensing units we also offer a matching line of DX fancoiIs, (also known as air handlers and fan-coils), in a wide array of sizes and configurations insuring that every boat owner has versatility of installation.

Self Contained Systems – For the smaller boats, we have a complete line of self-contained units, including the smallest unit on the market, the Aqua-Air Minikool. The product line includes capacities from 5,000 to 24,000 BTU, and the compact size, quiet operation and efficient design lends itself to installation under a berth, in a closet or any other underutilized area. All units with the exception of the Minikool come standard with reverse cycle heat.

Accessories – This is a supporting product line that includes all the miscellaneous components that are available for use with our core products, such as ducting, grilles, pumps, thermostats and controls, relays, transition boxes, filters, line sets and various installation kits.